So I've been active on Instagram and Facebook most of the time because those are the easiest media I can use while being on regular bedrest and on rare occasions that I'm out.

I've been spending the remainder of this challenging pregnancy doing things I haven't done for quite some time after working in corporate for around 13 or so years.

I'm back to getting my watercolor and calligraphy skills sharpened. I find that these help me take my mind off the worries, aches and pains plus the sleepless nights.

I'm already 35 weeks and 2 days. By Sunday, I'm officially 36 weeks and I'm due anytime next week onwards!

Because the contractions are getting more frequent and the pains are more severe, we're guessing I'll be giving birth between week 37 and 38.

I'm excited to see my little girl and scared because I don't know how her health will be.
I'll write about our journey and Raya's condition in another post with the hopes that other moms and dads might have or are experiencing the same thing. Faith and trust in God is what keeps my husband and I as calm as we can be plus friends and family who keep praying for our little one.

I hope everyone's dry and safe in their homes. I believe the recent typhoon flooded several areas.

There's so much to be thankful for everyday, it's one thing that I try never to forget.


I've been more active on IG as of recent as it's more convenient.
I'll be back to posting a lot of entries as soon as I wrap up several projects.

I have been practicing calligraphy again and it sure is such a stress reliever.
Hope to share new and improved versions of my work soon.

For now, have a great weekend and don't forget to spend time with Him and your family this Sunday.

Cheers and God bless!

Spectra M1 is Rechargeable, Portable and Silent
It has a massage function which helps produce more breastmilk in each pump
It also has a dual pump set
Get this from

I've been busy with work despite staying home to work.
The only time I really went out was during church last Sunday and 2 days before that, I was always at the doctor's for routine and special tests.

After church last Sunday, we had to buy special supplements in GNC for the baby (more about that in a later post). Along the way, we saw Expo Mom and it was their last day. Luckily, I saw the booth which was at the front, so I had to go in because I have been planning to get the Spectra M1 Breast Pump Set, a birthday gift from the hubby.

I wasn't planning on buying that day because I had the money he gave me tucked away in my savings account that's not easy to withdraw. But they gave a special discount for that day only! And it saved me around Php1,300, which I would never get online. Luckily, mother dearest transferred funds over to my account and so I was able to get the set (because there were no banks open that day and I specifically only make cash available and planned during weekends too, so we don't overspend).

I've read so much about the Spectra Breast Pumps and Mr. Nardo (yes, that's his name) was very very nice and answered all my questions, he even assisted me as we went to pay via EPS.

I can't place my personal review yet about the product but I can surely attest to the kind of service we got from babymama during the fair/expo.

I won't think twice too to get some of the items I still need, like feeding cups, breastfeeding accessories, milk bags and more from their site soon.

Looking forward to exclusively breastfeeding my little Raya. Can't wait to see her this July!

More Mom and Baby finds and updates in my next posts!

Shop at and check out their awesome product line-up

For now, Cheers and Keep Cool! (This heat is unbearable)

I think I became obsessed with handwriting and calligraphy when I was in high school. The neater your handwriting was, the prettier your notebooks were, the better. It was like a fashion statement altogether.

When I went to college, I had to learn to properly write in "drafting mode". Very technical and edgy. I loved it. My most favorite subjects were color rendering and drafting 101.

As I went into corporate, you can imagine my handwriting especially during critical meetings - chicken scratch! (kinayod ng manok). LOL.

I couldn't even recognize my own hand writing anymore!

When I went into full mode into pursuing a career in design again, my love for all things pretty, including penmanship, came back. A font expresses so much more than just words into an artwork. It dictates the personality and the tone of prints. That's why I'm so happy my work team is also so obsessed with details like that.

Being cooped up (mostly) at home these past 3 months because of my pregnancy gave me an opportunity to take a step back and rekindle my love for arts and crafts.

My "hoarding" and "packrat" thing came as a blessing because as I was about to do my annual declutter (throw-out, give away and keep process), I found so many things I could use and complete my crafting area with.

Although I need to get it finally done this June because its all going to be baby stuff in our bedroom, my craft room still needs a decent re-haul, hence, the non-posting of the progress of late.

So going back to the topic at hand, I found out my ink stash dried up...boohoo. With this heat, I can only imagine. (Also one of the reasons I can't move in to do my thing in the craft room..this HEAT! ugh).

I searched like forever in National Bookstore Glorietta nd Greenbelt. NO CALLIGRAPHY INK.
So my last resort was to turn online and yes I slapped myself because I should have ordered it with my US loot...

So lo and behold, I found a great site: The Craft Central
I have yet to receive my order this Tuesday so I'll update you on another post when I do.
I'm excited because I really need INK. hehehe.

I was however able to snag this in National Bookstore: ZIG Scroll and Brush Marker for Php90+
It's too thick for me but It's pretty good for practice and for bigger projects.

I only got the black. Not sure if I'm going to get the other colors. I think I prefer a more thinner kind of brush pen. I will post my practice sheets soon. Too embarrassing to post my recent ones today hehe.

Because this is the goal and the goal has not been met! LOL

So my haul would be

Dr. PH Martin's Bombay Black and White Ink
Got it for Php300

This very awesome and CHEAP Speedball Oblique Holder for only Php150. Got 2 in case I'm too lazy to change nibs all the time hehe.

Plus other little stuff like Hunt Nibs and Practice Pads.
If the transaction goes well, I'm coming back for more inks and pads. :)

Start a hobby, it's relaxing, you can do it at your own pace and free time, it's rewarding when you get to be good at it.


Photo Credits:

I think the simplest of forms in furniture gives a lot of statement to a space especially if you position them just in the right corner.

Part of my vision board is to collect one-of-a-kind chair finds.
I'm particularly looking for accent chairs in the form of stools.

Here are some inspirations I've documented.

*Credits to the photo and designers
(On top:

I just love the use of leather on this one

This is perfect for various table heights
This Philippe Starck Gold Face Stool can also be a side table
Perfect for interiors that are all white or monochromatic

They call this the Bride's Veil Stool
I love the lines

I love that the colored foot rim adds both that detail and purpose
into the design

Then there's that touch of whimsy.
Would totally put this in a shoe store or in a more utilitarian area
to give it that flair

And of course, I'd totally place these in my girls' rooms in the future
Just another list for the vision board. :)


As a mom, you get your hands full almost everyday.
And I'm sure most moms will agree with me that kids get bored VERY easily.
I for one totally ran out of ideas last week.
Even limited credits to using gadgets didn't do the trick to keep boredom at bay.

So here's my second try at making the most out of this summer.

I'm sharing this calendar with you with the hopes that both of us will get our kids' diverted into activities that enrich their creativity and artistic side.

Feel free to download the art compilation I made for next week's art stuff. (First image on this post)
You can do two activities a week or do everything in the list, depending on what you can manage. :)

I usually leave out Sunday because we take the kids out by then.

Recycled Art is up for next week!
We've been wanting to do this and so we had to gather enough recycled materials for the past 2 weeks

*Photo and Idea credits to Google and all owners/crafters, a big thanks for sharing your talents

Cheers and Happy Crafting!